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About us

We see EVs differently

What Drives Us

We're passionate about our mission to accelerate the adoption of bidirectional energy technology solutions through inspiration and innovation, with a foundational belief that the work we're doing each day is driving progress towards achieving a global renewable energy ecosystem within this generation.



Fermata Energy enables utilities to enhance grid resilience and deploy renewable energy resources quickly by integrating EVs as a grid resource

Accelerating the energy transition with bidirectional charging technology

Founded in 2010, Fermata Energy is the leader in successful V2X bidirectional charging systems. We are:

  • the first to have bidirectional charging systems commercially deployed in the U.S. for light duty vehicles 
  • the first to earn UL 9741 certification globally 
  • the first and only in the US to earn Nissan’s approval on its battery warranty
  • the first to earn revenue from bidirectional charging for fleet customers
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Scaling V2X


Fermata Energy systems support grid resilience throughout North America and in parts of Europe




 First to earn revenue for customers from bidirectional charging

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Key investors are market-makers in critical infrastructure: The Carlyle Group, Verizon and TEPCO


Meet the Fermata Energy experts, defining the future of mobility and energy

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    Innovators and experts wanted. Learn more about opportunities to define the future of mobility and energy.