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Park it. Plug it. Profit.™

It’s time to change.

It’s time to charge - with benefits.


V2X enabled bidirectional chargers provide revenue and other economic benefits, yet have the same upfront cost as single directional chargers. Why not be V2G ready?

Fermata Energy's V2X bidirectional platform both charges and discharges an EV battery, creating revenue opportunities while supporting grid resilience. With our bidirectional DC chargers, EVs are charged and ready for driving when you need them and earn revenue when you don't. This power plant produces a new, reliable, profit stream for EV owners.


Start making the right connections

Unlike traditional charging, which only sends power one way - from the grid to the EV, Fermata Energy’s V2X platform utilizes our patented bidirectional chargers and software to manage both charging and discharging of the EV’s battery.  EV owners retain control of their vehicles and the decision to discharge.  With our bidirectional DC fast chargers, EVs are charged and ready for driving. 

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Choose to charge and discharge

With our bidirectional DC fast charger, you can both charge and discharge your battery. Your EV is ready when you are. 

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You’ve got the power

With our proprietary platform, you’ll get an alert up to 24 hours in advance of opportunities to plug in and discharge your battery to profit.   

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Make the right connections

Fermata Energy’s platform provides building load monitoring in addition to your vehicle’s state of charge. More information allows you to make better decisions about how to manage your fleet EVs as well as your building's electric load.

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Share the results

You can see  your earning opportunities and results in one easy-to-use platform. We make it simple to share the positive, bottom-line results from bidirectional charging.


A future of smarter, reliable, and emission-free mobility—accessible by everyone, everywhere




A bidirectional DC fast charging platform that allows you to earn revenue by sending energy stored in an EV's battery to the grid. Join our network today.




A bidirectional DC fast charging platform that discharges the energy stored in your EV's battery to your building, so your company can avoid peak demand charges on its electricity bill. Join our network today.




Bidirectional charging allows consumers to discharge their EV batteries to provide back-up power for their homes during blackouts or earn money from their utility. Sign up for updates.

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Customer Testimonials

"Electric vehicle battery power supporting the grid for a few peak hours a year delivers affordable EVs and cleaner electricity.”

Brent Alderfer, CEO of Electric Frog Company

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